SK Mbuga Squeezes Juice Out Of NTV’s Tina Tessie

Mbuga Squeezing Tina

Ooh no, Leila Kayondo won’t like this story at all! Her aging Sangoma SK Mbuga seems to be on rampage.


Mbuga Squeezing Tina
Mbuga Squeezing Tina

Wednesday last week, we saw him squeezing NTV’s Tina Teise who has proved to be hungry for the dollars…yeah that’s a fact.

After making rounds both physically and through moles, Mbuga found Tina Teise as the only suiting choice for the night.

He immediately rushed out and attacked the sexy ‘About Town’ presenter.

Of course she knew him already, she couldn’t resist the dollars knocking on her door.

Even though she was in company of Phiona Bizzu and some other babes,  Mbuga lashed out to the tipsy Tina who was by then downing drinks like it’s her last day on earth.

Excited and optimistic, she rushed to give him her number, though trying to avoid the paparazzi in the VIP section at the Rich gang party.

This came shortly after Tina spotted her Sangoma catch Cheune also cozying up with Malalka Nyanzi of Urban TV.

She got jealous and tried replacing her with another Rich man friend…and of course Mbuga was the best catch.

We really hope Leila is not reading this, because she had just got back her granny…err sorry Boyfriend.

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