Social Media Humiliates Prof. Baryamureeba

Social media has poured what could be the most humiliating and embarrassing comments to former president candidate Prof. Venansious Baryamureeba.


The comments came on the heels on a brief opinion which Baryamureeba posted on his Facebook page criticizing Dr. Kizza Besigye and Forum for Democratic Change (FDC).

He argued that if FDC does not change strategy and NRM-O remains awake, FDC is leading the crusade to kill opposition in Uganda.

However his opinion attracted awkward comment. Below are the most eye catching comments.

Charles Odoch Langoya; “There is no strategy in your strategy professor! When leaders like you think getting money from parliament to run political parties is STRATEGY then you know we are headed for a dead end.”

Yusuf Sseguya; “Sincerely professor Baryamureba you are completely off topic! FDC says they defeated elections and Besigye believed a legitimate leader of Uganda 2016/21. Why a leader of opposition.”

Ramathan Ray Bunachali; “If FDC is to seek for any form of wise counsel, the last it would seek from is this mosaic pro-pesa cum politician in the name of Baryamureeba. Unlike most members in the FDC who are looking at country first, gluttons like you are always looking at the money. I can see you are even panting because of the said 2b allocated to LOP office.”

Ekojot Felix Ichati; “Where is your strategy the good professor? Show us or keep quiet. During election you claimed that you did not believe in parties and therefore went independent. What are you doing to keep the opposition alive? Is it all about FDC? It is about the people of Uganda my friend. The people of Uganda voted. That must be respected. This is intellectual dishonesty!”

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