Soroti, Kumi District top bosses arrested over corruption

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The State House Anti Corruption Unit together with the Uganda Police is investigating cases of corruption in the Districts of Soroti, Kumi, and Kalaki.
Reports indicate how top officials in Soroti district have been embezzling  funds  meant for the construction of piped water for Adamasko  water supply system and projects in Oculoi sub-County worth 390million shillings, inflation of district payroll where ghost workers and pensioners have allegedly been paid ugx500million
The arrested officials include; Okanya Simon (the Principle human resource manager), Okello Micheal (an internal auditor), and Oonyu Charles (The human resource manager).
It is also alleged that the officers were frustrating public servants and pensioners claiming their payment.
In addition, the principal human resource manager, Okanya has been charged for obtaining ugx 20 million from a 66-year-old man, Okurut Samuel in disguise as being paid more money for gratuity by the ministry of finance whereas not.
The unit is also investigating the embezzlement of ugx350 million which resulted in the construction of a shoddy bridge connecting Kalaki to Alebtong district leading to the closure of the road due to the breakage of the bridge. This has affected the transport network in the 2 districts and trade between them.
In Kumi, the unit and Uganda Police are investigating the alleged misuse ofugx 300 million that was meant for Parish Development Model (PDM) funds. It’s alleged the district officials swindled the money and presented fake accountability documents indicating they had carried out sensitization, mobilizing, and monitoring of PDM projects.
It should be noted that it’s not the first time Soroti district is getting involved in a corruption crackdown by the State House Anti Corruption Unit led by Col.Edith Nakalema. For instance, 3 officials from Soroti University were charged with mismanagement of public funds by the unit. Other Districts involved in the mismanagement of funds include the Gulu district, Dokolo District, and Lira district. More details to follow…

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