South Sudan Rebels Cross To Uganda With Heavy Firearms

South Sudan Rebels Cross To Uganda With Heavy Firearms

As South Sudan remains volatile, communities at Elegu in Amuru district are reporting that rogue elements carrying guns are crossing into the country through porous border points.

Locals now fear the illegal guns could cause a mayhem in the area.

However, UPDF Spokesperson Paddy Ankunda says they are not aware of such incidents.

“We do not have any indications that such characters could be crossing to Uganda but we interested in knowing who they are,” Ankunda said before adding that; “We have shared this information with our commanders at the border and of course porous borders allow all kinds of infiltration so we are on the alert to make sure that wrong elements should not end up in our country.”

Patrick Okema the Aswa region police spokesperson says that the recent killings in Kitgum district could be have been effected by the illegal guns from South Sudan

“In Kitgum we have had some kind of murder by shooting where we suspect the presence of some illegal guns could be coming from South Sudan but we can’t confirm that. As we speak now it’s under investigation,” Said Okema

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