‘Bring Back Dusty’ Sprint Rally to help Bukenya Fundraise for new car

Event: Bring Back Dusty Yusuf Sentamu FMU Sprint
Date: 24 July 2022
Venue: Victoria Raceway Track, Garuga

Entebbe – Rally driver Yusuf Bukenya is aiming to bounce back to the scene with a fundraising event dubbed ‘Bring Back Dusty’ as he seeks funds to buy a new car.

The FMU sanctioned sprint rally scheduled for 24 July 2022 at Victoria Raceway Track, Garuga was launched on Wednesday at the Lugogo sports complex in Kampala.

In 2018, Bukenya’s car, a Mitsubishi Evo 9 got burnt at a rally event in Fort Portal and now he wants to acquire a Ford Fiesta Proto with an Evo 9 spec set up, a car worth Euro 70,000. At the fundraiser event next weekend, he will borrow a car for the rally.

“He (Bukenya) has been out of action for about five years now…we now want to get for him an upgraded and better car,” event manager Kees Kagolo said before lauding Rock Bottom for the partnership.

Kagolo also revealed that some individuals have already contributed money towards the course but more financial support is still needed to get Bukenya back into the game.

Bukenya is hopeful that the event will be a success and he has urged the entire motorsport fraternity to show up either as fans or participants.

“I believe we can achieve the target together as a family. With the support of the drivers and fans, a lot can be done and I am grateful for those who are planning to come to the event. I also want to thank the organizers and sponsors (Rock Boom) for their support,” Bukenya noted.

Haris International Limited who are the makers of Rock Boom energy drink were represented by Camila Wangoi and they are looking forward to the event.

“We are honoured to be part of this event and we wish Yusuf all the best. We urge the fans and drivers to support Bukenya at this event because it will go a long way in ensuring that he returns to the sport,” Wangoi noted.

Clerk of course, Enoch Olinga said that the rally will be a championship event with necessary rules applied. The total distance will be 4.35km, covering two lanes. Scrutineering will be done on Saturday and Sunday next week and only rally cars are allowed.

FMU Vice President Reynolds Kibira is the chairman organizing committee of the event and has urged drivers and fans to turn up for this noble course.

“This event would have been held a long time ago but because of Covid-19 disruptions it had to be postponed to this month,” Kibira said adding that this event which will be highly commercial and as well as highly entertaining.

Kibira who advised Bukenya to take the fundraising event as seriously as possible revealed that FMU has sanctioned such initiatives in the recent past.

To add fun and vibe to the event, the top 10 cars will race and the competitors will choose their own pairs.

Safety will be observed at all time with everyone advised staying in the gazetted zones. The track will be taped-off by about 2 meters with fans advised heeding to calls from safety marshalls.

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