Steps to block people from adding you in strange WhatsApp groups

With trends on social media, now-days you even feel some hate due to naive users who are your friends. Factually, you tend to find yourself a member in some WhatsApp group you have never heard of and to its worst, chats found there may be in languages you don’t click. No worries, I have a priceless remedy for you today.

Finally WhatsApp added the option to stop adding number to group without the consent of the user. In this post, let us learn on how to stop people adding your number to WhatsApp Group.

Recently WhatsApp released a update. This update brings in the option to stop people adding number to group without user consent. But to enable this, user has to change the privacy settings.

First ensure that, you have updated your WhatsApp messenger to latest version.

Now go to Setting->Account->Privacy.

Now tap on Groups.

Here you have 3 options.

Everyone: If you enable this option, anyone can add you to the group.

My contacts: If you enable this option, only people in your contact can add you to group.

Nobody: Select this option, if you don’t want your number to be added to any group from anyone.

If you want to block people adding to whatsapp group, select the option nobody.

Finally tap on Done.

This way you can stop unscrupulous users from adding your number to WhatsApp groups without your consent. However, group admins will have the option of inviting you privately. If you accept it, you will be added to the group again.

Price tag for this solution- keep following our latest stories.

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