Nyakayojo SS students Strike over Miniskirts Ban

Nyakayojo students going home after school closure.

Nyakayojo students going home after school closure.
Nyakayojo students going home after school closure.

Nyakayojo SS students in Mbarara district felt teargas test and were sent home over a violent strike protesting the ban of miniskirts on Monday evening.

The anti-riot police heavily armed dispersed the students totaling to 750 who were striking over the ban on wearing miniskirts in school, poor quality meals, harassment by teachers and administration not addressing their complaints.

The head teacher, Mr Simeon Banturaki said that the students feasted on a bull as they celebrated Uganda Martyrs day but was shocked by the claims of poor quality meals.

“The strike was sparked off by girls who refused to take supper after their miniskirts were confiscated from them”

“Boys took meals but girls refused to go to the kitchen because they were angry at the head of the hostel for allegedly confiscating miniskirts. When I intervened boys joined the rowdy girls and started throwing stones at me,” Banturaki said.

Several buildings were damaged including computer lab, library, classrooms administration block and dormitories.

The school board, administration and Police on Tuesday held a meeting and resolved to send away the students as they investigations take place.

Rev Can. Simon Mutabazi, the board chairman, said the school has been closed till further notice until they are done with investigations into allegations raised by the students.

Banturaki, added that students used the banning of miniskirts as a “scapegoat”, saying students had other hidden motives which they don’t want to disclose to the administration.

Miria Ninsiima, the head of girl’s hostel, confirmed confiscating miniskirts from three students. She explained that the school is against indecent dressing.



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