Supermarket Thief Hides Loot In Knickers

Supermarket Thief Hides Loot In Knickers

A babe only identified as Rhoda was last week nabbed stealing merchandise from a supermarket in Jinja, which she had hidden in her knickers.

Rhoda, according to an Askari (Guard), went to the said Supermarket (Name withheld on request)  like a normal customer and started passing through the shelves, without a trolley or basket, although attendants had seen her pick stuff.

Not knowing that she was being filmed on CCTV camera, Rhoda picked  tins of powdered milk, 2 dresses and a blouse, which she stuffed in her knickers .

But when she tried to exit the supermarket, the   Askari and attendants stopped Rhoda and ordered her to remove whatever she had stuffed in her knickers.

When she refused, they took her to an inner room, where they stripped her before recovering the stolen stuff from her. The supermarket attendants thereafter gave Rhoda a few slaps after she pleaded for mercy and later let her go.


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