Go To The Countryside, District Heads Challenge Muntu

FDC President Mugisha Muntu

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) district chairpersons have expressed the need to start early campaigns if the party is going to get tangible results come 2016.

In a two day heated meeting held at Lweza, the chairpersons and their secretary generals used the opportunity to tell the party President Maj. Gen Mugisha Muntu that it is time he leaves the Najjanankumbi party headquarters and moves to the countryside.

Peter Kiwe Wamuwaya, the Bulambuli chairperson, says in the newly created districts the new chairpersons do not explain party issues properly so they need support from the party President to cement the party ideology.

This he faults on the lack of Members of Parliament and local councils in the areas. They suggest setting up committees in the village areas to kick start campaigns and hold early party primaries.

He notes that the FDC normally sets up party structures towards the electoral period instead of cultivating support early enough.

The chairpersons also note that while the NRM is quick to garner notable and strong political personalities to represent them, the FDC wakes up late and is left with weak candidates to represent it.

They demand that the party set conditions that whoever wants to stand for a party elective position, should have a suitable education standard and earn atleast more than 500,000 shillings.

FDC Kabarole chairperson Johnson Musana suggests that areas where NRM is strong need more concentration and called on the executive to strategise and measure up to what the NRM is doing.

Bwire Hassan from Busia says there is need to set up a proper road map to set up party structures which are still lacking. This is worsened by the fact that the party also fails to maintain and retains the few offices it has upcountry.

They also fault the party research team which they say does not carry out adequate research to include in the roadmap.

Sheila Twikyirize from Isingior however says most of the FDC supporters are frustrated and are money minded that is why the structures set up upcountry normally do not last long.

The meeting with district chairpersons and secretary generals was meant to hear their ideas on how the party can move forward and also strategize how they can manage party finances so as be self-reliant.

The party President Maj. Gen Muntu is meeting different groups of party members from across the country to forge a way forward for the party. He is yet to meet the FDC members of Parliament, women and youth groups.

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