Tamale Mirundi Dares Besigye To March To State House If He Is President

Tamale Mirundi

Tamale Mirundi Dares Besigye To March To State House If He Is President

By Alex Masereka

Senior Presidential Adviser on the Media, Tamale Mirundi has challenged former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye to march to State House if he believes he is the rightful president.

Mirundi said this while appearing on a local television station arguing that he would support Besigye if he marched onto to State House.

“Besigye calls himself the people’s president. I would support him if he attacked State House but he is in Kasangati,” Mirundi said before adding, “Besigye should not involve himself in some of these defiance campaigns. People will get fed up with him and beat him up.”



After his return from abroad on Monday, Besigye who was escorted to his Kasangati residence by police and the military revealed that the aura that accompanied him confirmed that he was indeed the people’s president, a tag given to him before the February Presidential elections that his erstwhile political nemesis, President Yoweri Museveni won with just over 60%.

“I was led by convoys into my home, a clear indication that the president had arrived. Now the regime’s role has remained is to make sure the president doesn’t get to his people,” Besigye said on Monday.

It waits to be seen if Besigye will take up Mirundi’s challenge.

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