Tanga Odoi Denies Involvement In Electoral Malpractice

Tanga Odoi (in Checked Shirt) addressing Journalists.


The New chairman Makerere University Convocation Dr.Tanga Odoi on Thursday, denied an allegation that he was involved in an electoral malpractice.

Tanga Odoi (in Checked Shirt) addressing Journalists.
Tanga Odoi (R) addressing Journalists.

Western Youth MP Gerald Karuhanga who lost to Odoi had filed a suit before the High Court challenging Dr. Tanga Odoi’s recent election victory as the incoming chairperson of Makerere University Convocation 2015/19.

Gerald Karuhanga, the runner-up in the March 28 elections, filed the suit on citing alleged electoral Malpractices, including creation of ghost voters and polling stations.

However Tanga has dismissed the claims as baseless and as afar he is concerned, he was legitimately elected into his new position.

The convocation is an association of graduates and staff of Makerere University created under Section 70(1) of the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions, Act, 2001, and regulated by the Convocation constitution.

During a press briefing on Thursday, at Makerere university guest house, Tanga revealed that he was not  aware that even Karuhanga went to court and he neither received any court summon from any law firm.

“As long as Odoi is concerned the convocation committee was voted in the right way. I have no evidence that Karuhanga went to court but only hearing it in press because I have not seen any court summon. Karuhanga is a lawyer by profession and am teacher by career, he is a member of parliament and knows that in an election there is only one winner,” Tanga Odoi said before adding that, “As an elder who can offer guidance, I call upon Gerald Karuhanga, Chris Nuwandinda and others who did not make it, that there is still room for them in the convocation, let all of them come back and we work together to tap into their talent.”

During the press briefing Tanga also requested all stake holders including the Governor of bank of Uganda, Katikiro Peter Mayiga, Kabaka of Buganda, IGP Gen Kale Kayihura and the general public to all join hands  to help Makerere to construct a perimeter wall ,to protect ‘vulnerable’ students from any security risk especially terrorist.

“After the Garissa incident, it has opened our eyes and therefore what we ask from Government; the Governor bank of Uganda, IGP, Kabaka, and Katikiro Mayiga is to help us construct a perimeter wall at Makerere University,” Tanga requested.

On the question of using the convocation to promote the NRM agenda, Tanga clarified that the convocation is for all.

It should be observed that the convocation committee has got three senior NRM members and these include Tanga Odoi, who is the chairman NRM electoral Commission, Hon. Denis Namara who is NRM National Youth Coordinator, as well Justus Nuwajuna who deputizes Namara in NRM.

However Namara who was present at the press briefing, promised to use the convocation to help the unemployed youth to tap into various job opportunities available in the government.

The team consists of Tanga Odoi as the Chairman, Nyago Diana Vice Chairman, Deus K Muhwezi as Publicity Secretary and Justus Nuwajuna as the Treasurer.

Other committee members include Richard Olando, Nakalema Juliet ,Faith Kirungi ,Spencer Sabiiti Oyes, Denis Namara, and  Bazilio Kamya.

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