Tanga Odoi warns Otafiire on Intimidation

NRM EC Boss Dr. Tanga Odoi

National Resistance Movement (NRM) Electoral Commission chairperson Dr. Tanga Odoi has sent a strong warning to Justice and constitutional affairs Minister Major Gen Kahinda Otafiire on intimidating him after losing in the party primaries.

NRM EC Boss Dr. Tanga Odoi
NRM EC Boss Dr. Tanga Odoi

In response, Kahinda warned Tanga Odoi to be careful on the utterances he is making.

The two were hosted on NBS TV today morning to discuss the dilemma on Independent candidates in the party.

“If Gen. Otafiire had won, he wouldn’t be here intimidating. I organised free and fair elections, not free and excellent” Tanga Odoi said adding; “I respect Otafiire but no intimidation will make me change the results. They tried to tell me he must win but I won’t.”

Otafiire said “Tanga Odoi, I would be very careful if I were you before making utterances. You’re not aware of the situation on the ground. I have gone as an independent and I have the right to choose my colours. I am campaigning for President Museveni.”


Tanga Odoi said the party Electoral Commission handled all petitions and responded something that Otafiire disputed saying he has never received any response.

Tanga Odoi responded saying that out of respect, he will send a response to Otafiire.

Tanga Odoi also noted that Otafiire needs to discipline himself.

“Gen. Otafiire will never leave NRM. Where will he go? He only needs to follow rules and discipline himself.”

He also warned president Museveni on campaigning for Independent candidates who lost in the party primaries. “It will be over his dead body that as chair, he moves around and supports independents: “That would be stabbing myself.”

On lashing at Tanga Odoi, Otafiire said; “I don’t lash out at Odoi as an individual. I only fault him for not listening. We have a right to be heard… I lashed out at him because he has been defending deficiencies. He took it personal and started bad mouthing me… I have never grabbed ballot boxes and counted them at my home. That Odoi statement was scandalous and uncalled for.”

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