Teachers Union Yet to Decide on M7 SACCO Offer

Margaret Rwabushaija the Chairperson of the Teachers Union

Uganda National Teachers Union (UNATU) is currently visiting different regions across the country in consultations with existing teachers SACCOs on how the 5 billion shillings offer  from President Museveni can be used to help the teachers.

This was revealed during the Unions interface with Parliament’s Education committee when the Chairperson Sylivia Namabidde tasked the Union’s leadership to explain how they are planning to get the SACCO money to the teachers.

President Museveni, in this financial year, allocated 5 billion shillings to teachers inform of SACCO money to help them carry out personal development.

Stephen Legesi, the National Treasurer UNATU, told the Education committee that currently the Union is carrying out consultations with Bushenyi Teachers SACCO and that of Masaka. The consultations were a result of a memorandum with the Education, Public Service and Finance Ministries for UNATU to consult with teachers SACCOs before money is distributed.

Earlier the Union consulted with Mukono-Kayunga Teacher’s SACCO to see how teachers in the area can benefit from the money. Legesi said that the Mukono-Kayunga Teacher’s SACCO covers over six branches in the area. They have already consulted with Luweero and Mengo Teachers SACCO.

Legesi added that before this week ends they will have visited Soroti where they expect to meet teachers’ SACCOs from the Teso region then move to the Eastern region in Mbale, then Masindi, West Nile and later Northern Uganda.

But Kalungu West MP, Joseph Sewungu and a member of the Education Committee, wondered at how the teachers could be so excited about the SAACO money which cannot benefit all the teachers. He said the only way teachers’ lot could improve is when they are paid well and can save in their SACCO’s on their own.

MP Marion Tunde advised the teachers to develop a saving culture and that they should be creative and innovative with the little money they earn saying that they can as well survive without the SACCO money.

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  1. That money will end up in the few people’s hands. Getting it will not be easy and it will end there.

  2. So greedy, when will you learn to be united, when you made an alarm for your salary to be increased, we failed sorry for you and pledged to be behind you as a big group to pressurize Government to pay you as you demand, the president intimidated you and called you blackmailers, and told you that you wouldn’t manage him since he is not a pupil, instead of being more stronger, and avoiding any kind of diversion, you started visiting State house and now you are talking of SACCO, this will not help you. and next time when you get problems we shall not promise our support, Bye for now.

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