THREE POINTER! Mr. Hyena gives elderly lady a treat, gets rewarded with two damsels

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One of these days I will have to involve the police, because some women after peeping at my whopper lure me into bonking them against my will.

Sometime back, when I used to stay in Kibuli, there was an old woman called Nalongo who had a small makeshift restaurant near my home.

I made an agreement with her to always bring me breakfast to my muzigo every morning. Although this woman was fit to be my mother, she took it upon herself to always serve me herself instead of sending her workers.


One morning, she found me straddling on my small stool shaving my pubic hair, I tried to run away but she smiled and told me not to hide because she also had big boys like me and therefore knew everything.

I angrily asked her why she didn’t knock before entering but she just laughed it off. “Mutabani ebyo nabirabaraba dda totawana nokwekweka, in fact, wandibadde oleka nenkuyamba kko” (son, I have seen those things for the last many years, in fact you should let me help you), she said.

She moved nearer to me but I moved away in protest. She followed me and told me that she wanted to teach me what the young girls didn’t know. “Mutabani, akasolo ko karungi nyo kagala mama ategera ebintu bilungi nganzze,( you have a very nice whopper and it needs and experienced mama like me), she said. I pretended not to understand what she was talking about, I asked her whether she wanted her money but she confirmed to me that all she wanted was to teach me how to make real love.

I told myself that I had always done it to those who don’t even give me a thing, then why not her. I was scared and asked her to guarantee me security incase her husband and kids got to know, and she assured me that it was a top secret between the two of us. She pulled her long skirt up to her chest, lifted one leg high and supported herself using the bed.

She had a big bundle of beads around her waist; every fool could tell that she was a sex queen. That day, I gave up for my whopper, it never even had a slight respect for the old woman, it immediately shot up and began nodding with signs that it was hungry for the old Kandahar.

I looked for my condoms and teasingly started beating the suburbs of her Kandahar that made the dhod, hodho, dho sound.

Her Kandahar was so loose and saggy. To me, that was not an issue, I pushed my hard rod inside the dry pot and did the needful.

She changed the position for a doggie flashing her stretch marked butt and thighs. I bonked her for such a long time but nothing seemed to come out of her dry pot. I turned her and drilled her in a missionary position. “Hyena nawe tomanyi kunzina, gwe okubakuba nga omwana omuto!” (Hyena you don’t know how to bonk, you are just whipping me like a kid!), she said. I did it intentionally because she had promised to teach me but she was only opening her hole wide for me to thrust in my rod. I actually expected to learn something new from her but wapi; she wanted me to do her what other women maybe were gossiping about me.

To show her what I was made of, I started jazzing her rapidly like a machine that her taps begun the tsi-tsi-tsi flow. She became so wet and the juices started flowing on her tiny legs. I humped her mercilessly that she had to fight for breath. Her pot was so wide, but her beads turned me on,  that my whopper kept increasing in size. I turned her for a goatie and her wrinkled star hole hit me in the face. I felt like inserting my whopper there but I changed my mind and went to her ripe Kandahar, humped it harder until her legume withered. I again jazzed her but this time she shook her big butt, and that is when I knew she was one of the people who contribute to the Bayisemena in Busoga.

“Nkwenda ino Hyena mumutima mulala….niwe obasinga bonabona, amasaza ga inebantu gona ngakuwaire ( I love you Hyena with all my heart, you are the best guys I have ever met, take the whole of Busoga kingdom and its suburbs) she moaned.

That gave me a lot of strength because it was long since I had last bonked a musoga. I penalized her deeper, that she immediately promised to be mine forever.

“Hyena ntwala eka mbe mukyala wo” (Hyena, take me home and let me be your wife), she said. What really does a woman want? I imagined a woman as old as my mother now pleading with me to be my wife, it  beat my understanding. I hit her clit very hard and she encouraged me to do it faster. “Olikuta wene wene wenenda,” (you are hitting the right spot), she moaned. I tried to pull out my whopper but she held her muscles so tight that I could not. I jazzed her until smelly magma flowed from her wide Kandahar.

I felt her Kandahar muscles squeeze and release my whopper; I fought very hard to get an orgasm at the same time with her. I could feel my spunk flowing from the brain right into the condom. She got up, cleaned my whopper with her lesu, and promised to lick me when she has the time. She squatted, cleaned her Kandahar with the same lesu and I could vividly see the traces of juices on her lesu each time she came to my room.

Things changed when she employed a cute munyarwanda babe to help her in the restaurant. All the men in the neighborhood wanted her and I was one of the contestants. I spent a lot of money on her until she accepted to let me enter her. This babe had a very huge sex appetite that whenever I would rest a bit she would command me to push it in back. I first kept it a secret from Nalongo so I had to bonk both of them. The turning point was when Nalongo found us bonking and she pulled out of the project. She began gossiping about me that I went to that place when I was very broke and that she had been supplying me with food every day.

I felt uneasy staying in the same area with Nalongo so I decided to shift to Kireka without their notice. I showed that Nyaru babe my new place, we bonked for five months until some Hajji eloped with her.

It was a blessing in disguise because there was a Somali babe I had began conning and it was then that we had all the time to ourselves. I will be telling you about my bonking experience with her tomorrow on this very page.

Till then, I remain yours truly, Mr.Hyena.



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