Tinye Throws Last Dice

Renegade Ugandan General David Ssejusa

Renegade Ugandan General David Sejusa, the former Coordinator of Intelligence Services has missed his last chance to appear before the Parliamentary Rules, Privileges and Discipline Committee to explain his continued absence from the house.

General David Ssejusa
General David Ssejusa

On October 17th, the committee wrote to Sejusa asking him to appear in person and defend his absentia from parliament, where he represents the army.

It came after Sejusa, who fled the country in April this year snubbed earlier summons issued by the committee. The summons were dispatched to the General through the British media, Foreign Affairs ministry, the British Embassy, his known personal Email Address and the Pigeon hall.

Fox Odoi, the chairperson Parliamentary Rules, Privileges and Discipline Committee said Thursday Ssejusa was expected to appear before the committee on Thursday at 11am but he was a no show.

He said as a result, the committee is left with no option but to write its report without hearing from Ssejusa and present it to the house next week.

He said the committee will look at the all the evidence tabled before it by some of the witnesses who testified before it and written correspondences between the office of the speaker and the purported lawyers of Ssejusa.

General Ssejusa fled into exile in April this year after authorizing a letter, in which he called for investigations into a plot to bump off senior army officers and politicians opposed to plans by President Yoweri Museveni to have his son Kainerugaba Muhoozi replace him.

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  1. Do not waste time on Sejusa. He has left government and is an army deserter. Period.

  2. True that there are more other pressing and important issues to give priority than the sejusa issue

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