Toniks, Ray Trade Blows Over Irene Ntale’s ‘Bean’

Toniks and Ray during their good days

Singer Allan Ampaire Aka Toniks and Ray Signature famously known by his stage name Kasenyanku are at loggerheads over Irene Ntale’s Love.

irene and toniks
Irene and Toniks


The attack comes after Toniks realized that he is Losing Irene Ntale to the talented songwriter, Ray Signature.

Toniks surprised Swangz Avenue members last week when he openly abused and instructed Ray never to talk to Irene Ntale again.

A highly placed source reveals that Toniks has been sending Messages to Ray warning him to stop getting closer to Irene.

The source further said that Toniks hatched a plot to thump Ray to tatters.

“We saw Ray running for his dear life and shouting for help and we wondered what had happened,” reveals the source said

All guys who were in the studio rushed out to help Ray who was panting and hissing like an angry snake.

On reaching out, they found out that it was Toniks and his gang of goons ready to thump Ray over Irene.

By the time of attack, Irene Ntale was not at the studio and the situation cooled down after Producer Benon intervened to resolve the matter.

Ray with Irene Ntale
Ray with Irene Ntale

Toniks later left the place cursing and vowing to thump Ray if he doesn’t leave Irene Ntale alone.

Furious Benon Immediately called Toniks and informed him that next time is spotted around Swangz, he will regret why he was born.

“Your acts are so childish and uncalled for,’’ Charged Benon shouted at Toniks.

Benon added that the purpose of Swangz is to promote Music for upcoming artistes but not to fight for women who are also busy with their music.

Benon stated that he clearly knows that Ray has done a great job for Irene in developing her Music career via song writing.

“No one is supposed to harass Ray because of Irene especially on non developmental issues like those of Toniks,” warned Benon.

Ray also said that he was Toniks won’t move him and he will still do his business with Irene.

”I love Irene as my workmate and as part of my generation in Music. Those who don’t understand us will die of stress,” said Ray.

Toniks and Ray during their good days
Toniks and Ray during their good days

Toniks complains that Irene spends a lot of time with Ray in pretext of songs writing and recording yet they are busy up to something else.

Toniks started viewing Irene Ntale’s eclipse after her former boyfriend, Jonah Kyeyo of Laftaz comedy lounge dumped her for another girl.

Since then, the two have been so close but they developed some mistrust when Irene Ntale nabbed Toniks with a cougar at Garden city in Kampala.

Toniks and his cougar were found bonking in the car

Snoops have established that the yet to identified cougar is the one  financing all the latest projects that Toniks is working on.

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