Tooro Kingdom Leaders In Development Retreat

Steven Kaliba kisses King Oyo's palms

Tooro Kingdom will next week hold the first ever leaders’ retreat.

The four day event which will be held at the Kingdom headquarters will bring together all the newly appointed kingdom ministers, central government officials, local leaders in Tooro and officials from the private sector in the region.

In a telephone interview with Redpepper Online, Steven Kaliba, the Kingdom Prime Minister, said the retreat will focus on the kingdom’s five year development plan.

Kaliba also says that the outcome of the retreat will be made public and shared with the central government, the private sector and the donor community, in a bid to solicit for financial support for activities in the Kingdom.

Two months after he was appointed, Kaliba unveiled the kingdom’s five-year development plan, which includes establishment of Tooro Royal University and improving food security among others. Kaliba argues that the money spent on sponsoring 500 students each academic year in other universities can be saved to start their own university.

According to a copy of the programme seen by Uganda Radio network, the retreat will be opened by the Omukama of Tooro, Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV.

Some of the guest speakers at the retreat will be Frank Tumwebaze, the Minister for the Presidency and Adolf Mwesige, the Local Government Minister.

The newly appointed Kingdom ministers will also present development plans for their respective ministries.

However, some subjects say that ways of addressing the unending conflicts in the kingdom should be top on the agenda at the retreat.

Steven Nyamutale, the chairperson of the Kingdom Clans Council says that before the discussion of the kingdom development plan, the leaders should first address the unending conflicts in the kingdom which have affected development.

Nyamutale says that it would be meaningless to discuss the development plan when the conflicts aren’t addressed.

John Baranga, a resident of fort portal, says that all subjects of Omukama Oyo should take part in the retreat and not just leaders. Baranga also says that some previous development plans have never been implemented, because they have been overshadowed by conflicts.

For several years, conflicts over the control the vast kingdom resources have undermined several development plans. Kingdom premiers have either been sacked or have resigned citing interference in the kingdom administration by some officials within the palace.

Omukama Oyo has also been sued by his subjects for abusing the Kingdom constitution.  Last year, the King was sued for illegally suspending the Kingdom constitution and appointing Steven Kaliba, Kingdom premier.

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