JAILED: Top Manager convicted of husband’s murder, sentenced to 24 years

Ms. Nabbengo Diana Luutu, a former manager at PPDA, has been sentenced to 23 years for the murder of her husband. Musaasizi. (PHOTO: File)


Kampala – Ms. Nabbengo Diana Luutu, a former procurement manager at Public Procurement and Disposal of Assets Authority (PPDA), has, on April 17, been convicted of murder by the High Court at Kampala.

Prosecution states that on 24th August 2016 at Kazo Lugoba zone Kawempe division in Kampala district, Nabengo with Malice aforethought killed her husband Hannington Musasizi Asimwe.

The mother of two who was also pregnant at the time is alleged to have stabbed her husband in the kitchen.

Evidence shows that on that fateful day, the suspect was at home with her husband. two kids and their house help.

And that since it was one of their child’s birthday, she sent both the kids and the maid away to buy a birthday cake and when they left, she went and found her husband in the Kitchen and stabbed him.

They entered the house and found Mr. Musaasizi Hannington on the kitchen floor with a stab wound on his chest. Ms. Nabbengo Diana returned. She called her sister in law and they took Mr. Musaasizi to the hospital where he shortly died.

The case was prosecuted by Ms. Fatina Nakafeero, Ag. Principal State Attorney. The prosecution adduced circumstantial evidence which the court relied on to convict Ms. Diana Nabbengo.

  • First, Ms. Nabbengo Diana was left by the maid and their children at home alone with her husband, in a normal state shortly before her husband was found injured on the kitchen floor. 
  • Second, Mr. Hannington Musaasizi on his death bed identified Ms. Nabbengo Diana, his wife, as the person who injured him.
  • Third, Ms. Nabbengo Diana’s conduct after the commission of the offence was not of an innocent person; she left home immediately after her husband was injured, she hesitated to report the matter to the police, and she attempted to clean the blood in the house before the police could visit the crime scene.
  • Fourth, Ms. Nabbengo Diana told lies; that she spent the whole day in her office and that she found her mentally unstable maid at home with her husband injured. 

The prosecution adduced evidence of the maid, the cake vendor and the receipt of the purchased cake to prove that Ms. Diana Nabbengo sent the maid with her children to buy a cake and remained with her husband in the house at about 3:00 pm when he was injured. In addition, the prosecution adduced medical evidence to prove that the maid was in a normal mental state.

Being satisfied with the evidence of the prosecution, the Hon. Lady Judge Jane Frances Abodo disregarded Ms. Nabbengo Diana’s alibi that she was at her place of work in PPDA up to 7:00 pm only to find her husband bleeding profusely. The Hon. Judge found her guilty and convicted her. She was then sentenced her to a custodial sentence of 23 years, 9 months and 3 days.

“We are contented with the conviction and the sentence. We find the judgment fair. We encountered hurdles in prosecuting this high profile case and so we are pleased that justice has finally been done in it.  We applaud the Ag. Principal State Attorney, Ms. Fatina Nakafeero for a job well done.” Said Jacquelyn Okui.

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