TOP SEX SCANDAL; Wife nabs former TV boy pants down in bed with singer Bella Mubiru,flees home

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Former TV boy Omubi Masembe is in hot soup after reports have emerged up allegedly to have been nabbed  by his other wife  with singer Bella Mubiru cozying up at a city a hangout.

According to a source, we have been informed that Masembe’s first wife only known as Nalongo has been trailing the two lovers for a long time until her efforts paid off finally.

Sources tell us that the two started spending some time at a top city hangout in Makyindye a few years back after Masembe and Bella Mubiru met on a TV show interview on Bukedde where he interviewed the singer. The two became too close to an extent of managing her music career.


Like any other man, Masembe immediately fell for the super sexy looking Bella Mubiru and started playing his wives alongside Bella. Bella came as a powerful, rich and influential Singer.

It is alleged that Masembe got overwhelmed by Bella’s money and decided to spend less nights and time with family. He abandoned Nalongo and his other wives. This didn’t go down well with his wives especially Nalongo.

Our Moles reveal that Masembe became too tight for comfort with Bella Mubiru and that the two started spending a lot of quality time together those days, whereby the singer was often spotted enjoying rides in Masembe’s car as the two go only God knows where.

People who were close to the two lovers tell us that Masembe made Bella Mubiru forget all the loneliness because she started wearing huge smiles wherever she went.

Well, Nalongo got unhappy with Bella Mubiru’s closeness to the father of her twins and started sending emissaries to the singer to reportedly assure her to back off him or face the dire consequences of her actions.

Nalongo decided to trial the two until she landed them at a city lodge. A source furthermore informs us that there was a fight between the two women and it was the police that separated them. Journalists and eyewitnesses were barred from accessing the hangout and shortly after calming down the situation, Masembe and his women were driven off by the Makyindye Police.

A source furthermore informs us that powerful Bella Mubiru who had been in the country at that time immediately processed travel Documents for Masembe and the two flee the country. Masembe left for the US while Bella Mubiru returned to the UK.

Sources inform us that Nalongo while spitting fire assured whoever cared to listen that she has invested huge into her man. She alleged that she bankrolled his Political career when he gave it a try.

Nalongo furthermore alleged that she will not let her efforts go to waste just like that. She is ready to hunt down her man wherever he is and threatens to teach a lesson to singer Bella Mubiru.

Meanwhile, her friends revealed to our Moles Bella Mubiru’s new introduction song called ‘Ebibbo’ could have been inspired by their current secret relationship. Moles tell us that the two could be setting up a top Kwanjula ceremony behind his other 3 wives.

It should be remembered that Masembe has 3 other baby moms.

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