Top UPDF General Thumps Opposition MP, Councilors to Pulp, Faces Knife

Top UPDF General Thumps Opposition MP, Councilors to Pulp, Faces Knife

By John V Sserwaniko

Red Pepper website exclusively reveal that President Museveni (as CiC) has agreed to hold a special Army Council session to inquire into Gen Matayo Kyaligonza’s violent conduct towards his neighbors in Mutungo village in the Kigo neighborhood.

Apparently Kyaligonza has been indiscriminate in occasioning torture because his victims include a number of Makindye Sabagabo Municipality elected leaders and councilors patronized by area MP Ssajjalyabene Sempala Kigozi.

The opposition MP faced Kyaligonza’s wrath recently when he called a meeting in Busitokisi village Mutungo Parish (near Victoria Serena in Kigo) Wakiso district in order to reconcile Kyaligonza and his neighbors who accused him of closing off a community road by constructing water reservoirs there claiming it was part of his land bought from a company called Mitchell Cotts.

There are many aggrieved neighbors but Kiberu Kalyamagwa and Grace Nagandi specifically petitioned Ssajjalyabene after LCs feared to dare summon Kyaligonza whose reservoir construction had denied them access to their own land nearby.

The MP rang area councilors and went with them on the land for a meeting to which Kyaligonza was summoned.

He acted defiantly asking the MP and councilors who they are to think they can summon a general who fought with others to restore sanity in Uganda almost 4 decades ago.

In the end Kyaligonza thumped the councilors badly and the most injured were councilors Ahmed Sekyanzi and Grace Kyamulabi who is also Makindye Municipality’s Gender affairs Minister.

After failing to get help from Kajjansi police station whose bosses told him they fear Kyaligonza, MP Ssajjalyabene reported the matter to Speaker Kadaga who subsequently welcomed his decision to administratively take up the matter with the army top leadership through Gen Elly Tumwine and Gen Pecos Kutesa who are two of the 10 MPs representing the army in Parliament.

We have reliably been informed Tumwine and Kutesa took the matter to Museveni who has since called a special Army Council meeting aimed at subjecting Kyaligonza to disciplinary proceedings before his fate can be determined. Some army superiors want him severely punished to set example for others.

MP Ssajjalyabene, who witnessed the afternoon torture of elected leaders by Kyaligonza, as his armed body
guards pointed riffles at them, has been asked by the army leadership to prepare a written witness statement to be used as evidence against Kyaligonza.

Unknown to the disgruntled General from Bunyoro, his belligerent utterances as he tortured the councilors were being recorded and we hereby share the audio of what transpired:

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