Toro ‘King’ Kijjanangoma Branded Fraudster, Conman, Family Failure & Loser


Yesterday, Red Pepper online published an exclusive interview in which Toro prince Kingdom David Kijjanangoma who is claiming to be the ‘king’ and is getting ready for ‘coronation in December’ told  the Pepper Managing Editor Ben Byarabaha startling information about his private life.


In 2007, he was deported because of over staying in USA.

His VISA had expired. He was “married and divorced.” He has two daughters in that marriage (which resulted into divorce in 2013) and other two kids.

He didn’t disclose how he came to get those two children from different women. So, I sum, he is a father of four children (two girls and two boys) from three different divorced women.

After coronation, Kijjanangoma will consider re-marrying to bless Toro with a prince. He likes drinking liquor, but ‘not like they (people) exaggerate.’

Red Pepper online sought for views of its ardent followers on Kijjanangoma’s life and whether they rally behind him to become the new King of Toro Kingdom.

Amanya Joseph posted that, deported “means a criminal for overstaying his visa” divorcee of two women “means a womaniser” and drinking but not as exaggerated “means a drunkard” He is doubted whether Kijja can lead Toro to fruitful fields. “How can a criminal, a womanizer and a Drunkard bring sense to the Batooro Kingdom? Is he not a shame of his useless and aimless ambition?”

Mutazindwa Tom Brian Atwooki said that, “Practically it is believed that leadership begins in a home. A man who can’t put together a wife and a few kids now wants to take over our kingdom. Me I pray that he wakes up from that dream.”

At 48, Opuli Sheila expects prince Kijjanangoma to be thinking beyond his nose. “honestly your divorced, a drunko on sexual network and a deported fellow meanwhile you don’t have dime to build yourself a decent home or rather rent a decent place for you to stay but deep in a lodge in Najjare your not even living your life as a king to be your in gutters and that is where you belong. Kijjanangoma you’re a shameless thug who wants to snatch everything that king and his mum have archived for the kingdom. You’re a desperate Mutoro schemer. A king is born king not self-styled not imposers like you.”

Auma Yvonne gave the prince free counsel to “first put his house in order” before coming to claim kingship.

Galata Kadir Gasuza  branded Kijjanangoma as a “fraudster, conman, family failure and looser

However, in the Interview, the claimant king told Red Pepper that “Failures in family don’t have anything to do with kingship. Many people have failed at family level but succeed somewhere else. I think am among those.”

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