Toshiba Re-Energizes Ugandan Sales Partners

Toshiba Re-Energizes Ugandan Sales Partners

Toshiba Storage Business Unit (TSBU) Uganda has further showed its interest in serving Ugandans with its classic storage devices.

This was during training and interactive programmed, that was conducted by Toshiba, for its partners and dealers in Uganda. During this training, the Toshiba team took the participants through a range of storage devices they on the market. The team mostly emphasized class, durability and portability of all their devices like memory card, flash discs, external hard drives of up to 300GB. The beauty with the day’s session was that some of the external hard drives showcased can be used wirelessly by upto 5 people at once.

In an exclusive interview with Red Pepper, Santosh Varghese, TSBU general manager said that this event was part of Toshiba Gulf FZE (TGFZ) GO AFRICA project that he launched a year back to improve and focus more on Africa business.

TGFZ handles the entire Africa excluding North Africa from its Dubai -Jebel Ali office, the MEA subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation. According to Santosh, his vision of launching a GO AFRICA project is to differentiate current business practices of many competitors, handling Africa remotely from Dubai office or through traders.

“As part of this programme TGFZ appointed a separate team to handle Africa and regular interaction, training among other roles, in Africa conducting to improve business,” he said.

Even though Toshiba is a well known brand in PC and domestic appliances, it’s Storage Busines-which is one of the main vertical with 45 years of Drive /Nand manufacturing history is not that popular in Africa. Comparatively, the Toshiba Storage which includes Memory and Hard Drive enjoys an average of 25% market share in Middle East.

The participants posing for a group photo after the workshop
The participants posing for a group photo after the workshop


Varghese strongly believes that Africa, with 54 countries, consisting of 980million population, will be the only possibility for business expansion. he backed up this belief against the background that 15B (Sep-15 to Mar-16) TGFZ recorded 100% growth in

Africa compared to its previous semester. He expects to gain 35% share in East Africa from its Storage Business during 16A/B.

James Bastain, the product relations manage together with Alex Sanjay, the sale manager-Africa, from one year of operation they noticed East Africa is economically and politically strong so it can spin the growth that is being expected. Commenting about the day’s event, Sanjay said, “These kinds of trainings and interactive sessions give dealers a deep knowledge on products and confidence on the brand.”

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