Universities producing unproductive graduates

Universities producing unproductive graduates

Universities in Ghana have been accused of producing graduates from the same programme models which create a surplus in the society reports Myjoyonline.

“Our current educational system does not support productivity and I say so because if you have over 70 private tertiary institutions affiliated to six public universities offering the same programme models, then you are creating a surplus society.” Said Dr. Jerry Kombant-Monfant, President of MBIC Group of Chartered Accountants and Business advisors

Dr. Jerry further added that Ghana should start building a knowledge based economy that narrows the gulf between industry and academia, claiming that Ghanaians are not beocimng more innovative because of the academic base.

“If we are able have academia run specialised courses in pharmaceuticals, biochemistry and electronic specialisation, I think it will have an effect on our unemployment problems,” he said.

Ghana needs a new educational model that will focus on grooming institutions for certain industries, so that people can innovate and upgrade according to the doctor. He further stressed that graduate unemployment is fuelled by graduates lacking requisite skills for the job market.

Statistics on graduate unemployment by the Institute of Statistical Social and Economic Research (ISSER) of the University of Ghana states that graduate unemployment will hit 271,000 this year. Currently, there are about 350,000 students in the country’s tertiary institutions with employment opportunities for close to 30,000 yearly; a situation Dr. Monfant said looks grim for the country’s future says Myjoyonline.

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