An American tourist has died in Bwindi National Park after she was attacked and stung by wasps while out tracking gorrillas.

The Police said, Gloria Suemiller, 65, from Oklahoma in the United States of America was visiting the park with friends when she was fatally stung.

Kigezi Region, Police spokesperson Elly Matte confirmed that the tourist died on the morning of Thursday at Katonvi, Ruhija zone in Bwindi  in Rubanda district.

Matte said the victim was with her husband and six other tourists and had crossed from Rwanda with the aim of visiting several habituated families of gorrillas.

She was the only one stung by the wasps when they went tracking the apes in the morning aided by a group of guides.

The police have recorded the incident under SD 06.24/05/2018 and her body had been taken for postportem.


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4 thoughts on “Tourist Killed By Wasps In Bwindi

  1. So after postmortem what next? Qtn, how come he was the only one stung yet they were in agroup? what was peculiar with him? its buffuuuuus

    1. was a she, I know her husband, it was a so disgrace event, her husband does not have her body yet…Respectable couple from Oklahoma.

  2. Sad news from Bwindi! This was a terrible accident something unusual within Uganda. These insects are common in gardens and many Ugandans have ever been bitten but no serious injuries were reported!

  3. Sad News in Uganda especially to the tourism industry. I think these insects especially those that can attack people can be protected and kept in secure places to avoid same incidence in the park in future. I pray for the affected families

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