Transport Fares Double as Fuel Crisis hits Gulu

Gulu has been hit by fuel crisis

Transport fares in Gulu have shot up over the past three days due to a fuel crisis that started last week.

Gulu has been hit by fuel crisis
Gulu has been hit by fuel crisis

Currently, apart from Shell and Delta pump fuel stations in Gulu town, other stations like Total, Rock and Kobil do not have fuel. At the start of the fuel crisis, a liter of petrol shot up to 3,900 shillings up from 3, 750 shillings.

A liter of petrol on the black market costs between 8,000 and 9000 shillings. As a result, operators of public transport in Gulu have increased their fares with some doubling it.

Boda boda operating between Gulu town and Pece Stadium are charging 2000 shillings down from 1000, Pece stadium to the army barracks cost 4000 from 2000 shillings.

Special hire taxi operators have also hiked their prices. A Special hire taxis from Gulu town to Lacor hospital now costs 25,000 shillings up from 20000 shillings.

However, buses have not yet increased their fares. Walter Lacen, a boda boda motorist in Gulu town says most of their customers have resorted to footing because of the increase transport fares.

He says they increased the fares to cash in on the crisis and advises travelers to negotiate instead of opting to walk away.

David Latim a resident of Gulu town says that although transport by buses has not increased, many small vehicles had increased their fares by 5000 due to the crisis.

An official with Shell fuel station in Gulu who spoke to URN on condition of anonymity attributed the fuel scarcity to supply problem right from Mombasa Kenya.

He said the scarcity will not be resolved soon even if the fuel is brought into the country, since upcountry areas will be the last areas to receive any supplies.

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