Tumwebaze: We Respect Court Decision But Disagree With It

No nonsense Kampala Minister Frank Tumwebaze.

No nonsense Kampala Minister Frank Tumwebaze.
No nonsense Kampala Minister Frank Tumwebaze.

The minister for the presidency and Kampala, Frank Tumwebaze has said he respects the decision of the High Court to nullify the impeachment of embattled Kampala city Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago but disagrees with.

Tumwebaze says the judge should have summoned him to hear his side of the story before condemning him for being contemptuous during the controversial impeachment of Lukwago last year.

“We respect the ruling of the High Court but we disagree with it.” Tumwebaze wrote on his Facebook page, Saturday afternoon.

He added “If the judge wanted my evidence in that matter as well as of other officials she mentions and condemns in her ruling for contempt, she should have summoned us to be heard and perhaps also to give us an opportunity to cross examine those alleging certain offenses against us and whose only evidence she took.”

His comments come a day after High court judge, Lydia Mugambe ruled that Erias Lukwago is still the Lord Mayor of Kampala and that he must resume office.

The Judge insisted that the impeachment process was unlawful since a court order stopping the process was delivered on time.

“How could the judge rule for example that I ignored a court order without hearing from me to confirm whether I got the said court order or not?” Tumwebaze wrote.

During the controversial impeachment, an interim injunction blocking the meeting was secured by Lukwago’s lawyers and served to Tumwebaze who presided over the process.

‘We shall Appeal’

He has vowed to appeal the decision of the High Court saying “Certainly we shall challenge this. They have given us good grounds of appeal”

“We shall stiffly challenge that unfair and biased judgment” Tumwebaze wrote on Facebook emphasising their next course of action.

In her ruling, also ordered the Electoral commission to stop plans to hold a bi-election in Kampala.

She also ordered that Lukwago be compensated and that should there be an attempt to block him from office, the minister in charge of Kampala, the Attorney General and the Executive director of Kampala will be liable for any damages should they try to block him from resuming office.

‘Lukwago Wont Be Vengeful’

Immediately after the ruling, Lukwago also took to Facebook to thank all those “who have unflinchingly walked this strenuous journey with me”

The beleaguered Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.
The beleaguered Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

He also pledged to be “magnanimous and not vengeful towards” his tormentors.

Lukwago made an appeal for the respect of the will of the people which according to him is the cornerstone of constitutionalism.

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8 thoughts on “Tumwebaze: We Respect Court Decision But Disagree With It

  1. These “buts” show Tumwebaze doesn’t respect the rule of law. Instead of lamenting on facebook, he should go to court and challenge lady justice. Since when is facebook the official communication forum for the government of Uganda.

    Tumwebaze, order the zealous Musisi to escort Lukwago to his office peacefully and pay all his salaries.

  2. Tumwebaze should stop disturbing Ugandans leaving in Kampala as a city. We have got a lot to do because time is money. Leave Lukwago to excute his duties as the Dully elected Mayor of Kampala instead of you trying to show us how mighty you are in terms of armed men both in UPF and UPDF uniforms. You are not the first Minister to be appointed by M7, he drops and appoints almost every year. Where is the like of BUkenya former VP, Apollo Nsibambi former PM, Gen. Sejusa who used to arrest Besigye?, to mention but a few.
    As a young man who is trying to appease M7 in order to get favors from him, time is coming when what is currently being done by you to Lukwago will reach your turn just like Gen. Sejusa is right now in exile.

    NB: Tumwebaze, my advise to you is to leave Lukwago go peacefully and settle in his office then start performing his duties as Mayor because even if you go to which court, there is no learned Judge in Uganda who will rule in your favor given the no. of evidences pinning you and Musisi on this whole issue of trying to do away with Lukwago forcefully yet we are the ones who elected him. You do not even vote in Kampala first of all you Tumwebaze?.

  3. I have often heard people say that the judiciary has been influenced or is biased especially when it does not rule in their favor. This time those who support Lukwago are all praises for the same judiciary they have always alleged is biased. Those who do not support Lukwago are now alleging that the judge was biased. Well, damned if you do, damned if you do not. Tough job being a judge!

  4. If Uganda were a business entity, it would know that there is a very high price to pay when incompetent people are put in charge. Can anyone tell me how much money has been wasted on Lukwago and what the country could have achieved with it?

    Now, if these guys were to pay for acts like these from their own pockets, would they do what they are doing?

    Uganda needs a law to make these incompetent officials pay for their intentional acts like these and to sack them henceforth. There is no way Uganda can achieve second world status with guys of this caliber in charge of sensitive positions; you can quote me on this.

  5. Tumwebaze’s mental faculty is in question. This man can not reason. He thinks that he is above the law. Respect the law or be personally liable for any costs. Ugandans should not meet these costs accruing for a silly appeal or arrogant behaviour or refusal to respect court decision

  6. Well said mr. Lukwago…I wonder how politians can be so naive to the extent of wanting to hijack the power of the people n yet they claim to serve under the law of the land

  7. Obviously Tumwebaze on the orders of his boss does not want Lukwago at KCCA. I truly believe the government can work together with Lukwago to achieve what the people of Kampala need.

  8. Its a shame that people behind these tedious actions and a waste of our tax money are a educated people who should know what professionals ought to be doing , I guess its more than education that makes good and sound judgement!

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