Two Police Officers Attacked in Kampala, Gun Stolen

Police officers in Kampala are living under fear after two of their colleagues; David Kasusi and Samwiri Martin, were attacked by a group of unknown people on Saturday night while on duty at Great Lakes Safari in Kitintale, a Kampala city suburb.


It is alleged that, during the incident, a scuffle ensued between the robbers and the police officer, David Kasusi before he fled with his AK47 rifle.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokes Person; Patrick Onyango confirmed the incident and added that, by the time their officers were attacked, one of them (David Kasusi) tried to lock the gun but it jammed.

In the process, the attackers quickly tied and also beat up the cop. Later, his colleague (Martin Samwiri) who had gone to buy some items at the nearby shop realized his colleague was in danger and immediately shot in the air to scare the perpetrators away.

Onyango told Red pepper that both of their officers have been attached to Tourism Police.

“The two officers are currently detained at Kampala Central Police Station to help us in our investigations,” Onyango added.

Upon getting the information about the attack, police from Jinja road immediately launched a counter attack at the enemy but their efforts yielded no fruits since by the time the incident occurred, other officers had gone to Club Guvnor to respond to the Murder incident where Ivan Kamyuka had stabbed Johnnie Ahimbisibwe over a woman.

Meanwhile, Kampala Metropolitan Police Chief, Bebjamin Namanya said that since the case is still under investigation, they can not disclose details until they are done with their task.

A case of Police officers losing their guns is on increase and it’s highly suspected that most of these stolen guns are the very ones that are used in murdering and robbing innocent Ugandans.

Automatic Sub machine gun, especially AK47, and Pistols, and semi-auto machine guns are among the most targeted rifles.

In 2012 police Crime report, 42 guns were recovered.

The system of attacking Police men and running away with their gun has become a common practice.

Few years ago, an officer was disarmed at Kajjansi and his AK47 was taken.

Isaac Oboth, who was attached to Ngobe Police was attacked and beaten terribly before his riffle was grabbed off.

Guns of Muzamiru Babele and Abdallah Kharim Tenywa, who were guarding Justice Faith Mwondha’s residence in Bugiri District, were also stolen before killing them on spot.

In another incident, Special Constable Aristo Rwegimana who was attached to Kawempe Police Station was attacked and killed as he was leaving Dr. Jimmy Saamanya’s residence at Nammere village in Kanyanya.

Besides, Tonny Omora, a police rider was attacked and his gun stolen near Wampewo Avenue.

With all these attacks made on police officers, intelligence shows that some of the stolen guns from these officers are the ones that are being used in shooting Muslim clerics, businessmen, among other prominent individuals.

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