Two remanded over goats, cattle theft in Nakaseke

Luwero – Luwero Magistrate’s Court has remanded two suspected in a theft that fleeced a farm of 64 goats and 2 cows to Kitalya prison.

His Worship Luwero Chief Magistrate, Samuel Munobe, on Wednesday, April 29 remanded the two suspects to Kitalya Mini Maximum prison, Mityana district until May 27.

Suspects; Kayondo Zavuga (a butcher) and Frank Akandwanaho (herdsman) were apprehended in connection with the unscrupulous theft of goats and cows valued at UGX20M in Nabisojo, Wakyato, Nakaseke district.

Zavuga (left) after arrest by OC Operations, Nakaseke CPS, ASP Mbabazi

Sources reveal that in the wee hours of Friday morning, April 24, the group of yet-to-be-identified persons descended on a farm belonging to Bushville Breeders Ltd and made off with 64 goals and two cows on boda bodas and Toyota Ipsums.

In an operation mounted by OC operation ASP Mbabazi, Police, on Saturday, April 25, nabbed the two persons and are currently held at Nakaseke Central police station, Bukalango.

Sources further revealed that the two are believed to be linked to a group of a big group of butchers from Luwero and Wobulenzi that have continued to ravage people’s farms and making off with their herds.

Hannington Tayebwa, the farm owner, called for thorough investigations for the law to take its course in the matter.

“The culprits must face the law to help save the community that has suffered at their hands for a long time,” he said

He further asserted that he would not listen to any attempts by cronies of those arrested to settle the matter out of court.

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