Tycoon Ivan Ssemwanga Spends Lonely Nights At Venom

Ivan Ssemwanga


As the saying goes that money can’t buy everything, South African based Sangoma Ivan Ssemwanga with witnessing the real meaning of this saying.

ivan sse

After being  dumped by the mum of his children, Ivan Ssemwanga is still nursing wounds that Zari Hassan left in his heart.

On Friday night, the South African based Sangoma spent a lonely night at the Kabalagala based Club Venom.

“He was in the company of his bouncers and he looked out of place and stressed,” said the snoop.

This is not the first time Ivan is spending sleepless nights in a bar. Shortly after he was dumped for the Nth time a few months ago, he rushed to Pretoria clubs and found solace in club strippers.

Zari and Ivan used to tour all Kampala night spots while super glued on each other but now the two seem to never meet like parallel lines.

Zari is now in love with a security operative known as farouk Ssempala.

Currently Ivan is linked to a cubby city glamour gal indentified as Happy.

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5 thoughts on “Tycoon Ivan Ssemwanga Spends Lonely Nights At Venom

  1. Money cant buy happiness…….neither can it buy class. With the amount of money this dude claims to have, I’d be in a different world , with a very undisputed class

        1. Pre-exisitng class is a plus but not an absolute condition;
          10% of who we are is down to nature. The 90% is attributable to nurture – in other words, one can learn.
          There is no happiness or end to misery for fellows like this one and the likes of “Bad Black” because of their double digit IQs which make learning a near impossibility; and that is why they will still suffer regardless of how much and how often Lady Luck smiles on them.
          Class need not pre-exist; for evidence, consider the likes of Sudhir and the “new money” nepotists benefitting from the current political climate in Uganda – they may not be classy, but give me their minted, villager lifestyles over classy brokeness any day.

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