Uganda On Verge Of Facing UN Sanctions Over Anti-Terrorism Law

 Uganda On Verge Of Facing UN Sanctions Over Anti-Terrorism Law

By Serestino Tusingwire

Uganda could face sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council if it does not amend the Anti-Terrorism Act before the end of February.

State Minister for Internal Affairs Obiga Kania told the parliamentary committee on defence and internal affairs, that senior Ugandan officials could also face travel bans of prominent politicians and funding frozen from the World Bank and IMF if the amendments are not passed.

Kania wants parliament to pass the anti-terrorism amendments bill 2017 by 28th February.

“If the banks had denied international transactions with their colleagues outside, we are going to cause a very huge problem for this country in addition to the delay,” Kania said.

Uganda passed the anti-terrorism law in 2002 after the twin bombing in the US on 11th September, 2001.The law has since been amended twice in 2015 and 2016.

The UN Security Council through the financial action task force wants the new amendments to criminalize the funding of terrorism and also restrict international travel for people planning, preparing and participating in terrorism activities.

However, some committee members objected to the clause in the amendments covering suspected terrorists thinking that government could use the law to intimidate or harass the opposition.

If Uganda does not comply and pass the law by 28th February, its commercial banks could be blocked from transacting outside Uganda, funding and technical support by donors including the World Bank and IMF could be frozen and travel burns imposed on Ugandan top political leaders.

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