Ugandan Babe Killed In Oman

Ugandan Babe Killed In Oman

The rate at which Ugandan girls are dying in the United Arab Emirates and other parts of Arabia is very worrying, because barely a month goes by without one being killed or committing suicide.

Early this week, a Ugandan woman who has been working as a domestic maid in Oman allegedly ended her life through an apparent suicide, although she is suspected to have been killed.

Prossy Bisirikirwa aka Prossy Kalemera, is alleged to have been forced into ending her own life due to continued harassment by her bosses and poor working conditions. Some of her pals allege that she had gone months without pay.

However, there is another allegation that her supposedly ruthless bosses could have terminated this young woman’s life. Her body was found lying in her room.

Her father has been identified as Lawrence Kalemeera and mother is Juliet Nabakooza, both residents of Mityana. Birikirwa is survived by two-year-old child.

Cases of mistreatment and cruel conditions at work are so rampant in the Middle East more especially for immigrant Ugandan workers, with some culminating into rape and other in other extreme cases murder.


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