Ugandan Charity Organisation In Shs794M Scam

Comic Relief, a British Charity has dragged Busoga Association UK, a Ugandan charity before the charity commission for alleged fraud of 794 million shillings.

According to the complaint filed under number 1081149, Comic Relief accuses Busoga Association UK of failing to account for shillings 794 million out of the 1.7 billion shillings disbursed. The Guardian, a British paper recently reported that the alleged fraud was detected after Busoga Association claimed to have spent over 198 million shillings to hire consultants to make a bid for a donation from Comic relief.

According to their website, Busoga Association UK is charity organization with a core focus on improving the life of Basoga by providing advice, assistance, representation, counseling and sexual awareness. Among other services, Busoga association UK also provides translation and interpretation services for people who are seeking asylum and immigration.

When contacted Judith Nabakooba, the spokesperson Uganda Police Force said they have not yet received any formal complaint or communication about the alleged financial scam. Fraud has been on the increase in the country, according to the police annual crime report 2013. Over 11,000 fraud cases were registered in the past year.

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