Ugandan Comedy show in UK confirmed

It’s now confirmed that Ugandans in the UK are going to have the first ever comedy show this weekend on Saturday (September 26th) at the newly refurbished White House along Barking Road in a red carpet event.


Uganda comedians led by Hebert Ssegujja aka Mendo, Afande Kerekere and MC Kapale departed for London last night.

Sources reveal that this is going to be the first time for these comedians to perform live for Ugandans in the Diaspora.

Mendo is the only exception having travelled out of the country when he went to the US for a short comedy course.

We have learnt that UK based seasoned promoter Mosh Alim changed the trend this time to take comedians instead of Ugandan musicians because they had become less popular to UK based Ugandan partiers.

Meanwhile we have learnt that he has only added Singer Diana Nalubega to the crew to beef up the event that will also have other UK based Ugandan artistes performing.

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