Ugandan Woman In Trouble For Spying, Selling Own Gov’t Secrets To Power Brokers

Uganda, S.Sudan cordial relations could soon be on the edge after authorities intercepted credible ‘high level’ correspondences between Ugandan business woman Esther Nankya and S.Sudan Government on oil deals!

According to sources, Esther Nankya makes ‘a kill’ for spying on oil deals between Uganda and S.Sudan, which information is later delivered to UK Gov’t through S.Sudan correspondent!

Highly placed sources intimate that Gov’t has placed a bounty of Shs.500m on any security operative or person who will offer information on the where abouts of the now troubled Nankya’s head who is believed to still be alive but rumored to be in a hideout in Sudan.

“Our intelligence shows she has since holed up herself in Sudan when she got to know she was on wanted list for trading in government secrets, I can’t tell how she got tipped about what awaited her back home”, an insider revealed.

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