Ugandans Rotting in Zimbabwean Prisons

IGP General Kale Kayihura

Police Chief Kale Kayihura
Police Chief Kale Kayihura

Frank Mbaziira fell prey when he was contacted by a friend  who told him about job opportunities in South Africa.however On his way to South Africa,he was arrested at Beitbridge border town as he prepared to cross from Zimbabwe to South Africa.

He has been held there for several months and not until two weeks ago is when his family found out about his predicament. This is when they approached their area MP Mathias Kasamba, who then wrote to the inspector general of police Kale kayihura asking him to intervene.

According to The Standard, a Zimbabwean newspaper, many of these immigrants are from the Great Lakes region, specifically Uganda and Rwanda. They are being held for illegal entry into Zimbabwe. As of now, there about 20 Ugandans being held in different prisons in Zimbabwe, who have failed to make contact with their families back home.

According to the director of Interpol and International Relations in the Uganda Police Force, Assan Kasingye, many Ugandans traveling by road to South Africa for greener pastures get arrested in the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) countries for lack of travel documents through Zambia and some bribe their way through, those that cannot afford are arrested. Kasamba says there is a racket of human traffickers, which he intends to bring to the attention of Parliament after the Easter break.

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