Unity FM Closed, Sporadic Gun Shots Rock Lira For Hours

Lira Town is in a state of rock down as security forces try to calm down residents over death of a school going pupil allegedly killed by two Indians.

The Late Dickens Okello was buried amidst tensions which spread to the main town of Lira.

Currently three people have been shot at, Unity Radio has been switched after RDC led police and army to close the radio.

Pictures of Indians being evacuated from shops on military vehicles show the death of this child was underestimated.

Gunshots fired by police and army were heard had in Lira Town in the afternoon and night. The send off late Dickens Okello in Kole District turned violent reportedly with locals accusing of  two Indian nationals identified as Vayas Fravey and Madmay Gaga, both cotton traders at Odokomit Ginnery in Lira on November 9, 2018.

Anger at a burial in Alito Sub-county was much, it spread to town as street children attacked Indian nationals doing businesses in Lira town

At the same time, police were engaged in running battles with mourners in Alito Sub-county headquarters who wanted to lynch Lira LC5 chairman, Mr Alex Oremo Alot.

The Lira District chairman wanted to deliver a speech at the burial of Dickens Okello but was reportedly blocked by angry mourners before being booed. Residents accuse their leaders of siding with Investors.


RDC Lira District ordered shutting of Unity Radio accussing the station of inciting violence.

Police and Army have taken all gadgets from journalists, Sam Atul the station manager told media.


Lira town under military siege as citizens riot over the murder of an 11 year old school boy allegedly murdered by two Indians. The boy, Okello, was murdered more than a week a go in his home village in Alito sub county, Kole district.

Today at his burial, people chased away and beat up police which was heavily deployed there. The police started waylaying people and shooting live bullets, breaking bones and muscles of people returning from burial.

Now Lira town caught the fire, people attacked Indians, because Police reinforcements had been delivered to Alito, the town was left unattended.

Military has now been deployed to reign in the people who have taken to the streets. Nobody is safe as bullets and tear gas rock the town, the military is now patrolling a radius of 5kms from the town centre.

UPDATE: Emotions are high at the burial of Dickens Okello, the minor who was allegedly killed by Indian nationals. Mourners reportedly heckled Lira District LC5 C/M Alex Oremo Alot with many chanting words :”thief, Akii Bua”, stopping him from making an address.
Earlier, mourners rejected a proposal to include RPC North Kyoga SSP Peter Nkulegi in the list of speakers.

The Indian Community trading in Lango yesterday gave a condolence contribution of Shs 5 million to the family of late Dickens Okello. Representing the Indian community, Patel Tejashkumar gave the money money to Gilbert Odongo, the chairperson of the committee overseeing the function of laying to rest the 9 year old minor allegedly murdered by two Indian nationals last week.
Odongo received the money on behalf of the bereaved family.



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