Unplugging Lucky Otim Bosmic

Lucky Otim aka Bosmic is a renowned Northern region and 2014 best artist, he joins top artist from Uganda at the 5th Uganda Convention taking place in London on 12th Sept at Troxy.

otim jick

Born in Gulu District, Northern Uganda, he is by far the most successful musician in the land of Acholi, his songs like Peteko Lawiny and Peace return have become an anthem to many.

An entertainer, a Rastafarian, a singer; his music is full of originality stemming from uniqueness.

Otim has travelled the world as a result of his successful music career.

The Uganda Convention UK is delighted to have him performing on 12 Sept 2015 alongside Uganda’s best duo Radio and Weasel, Geoffrey Lutaaya, Irene Namatovu (De Nu Eagles), Mc Moseh, Vj Oj, Paddy Dee, Bebi Makumbi and Acd Arts.

The convention’s after party will showcase the diverse cultures of Uganda through art, music, poetry and danceto promote community cohesion.

It will also host among others dignitaries Her Royal Highness Sylvia Nagginda as Chief Guest.

The cultural extravaganza part is an important element that will showcase the cultural traditions of Uganda as it is intended to educate the new generation in the Diaspora through music, culture and to teach Ugandans the importance of reconnecting with their roots.

The party helps to preserve those traditions by bringing together the youth and  people of various cultural backgrounds, which also fosters a spirit of unity and togetherness amongst Ugandans in the Diaspora, as well as promoting  peace, love and fun.

This is particularly important for Ugandans living away from their home country, and of course for our youth, many of them born in the UK.

These are the ones who are most at risk of losing touch with their ancestral roots.

In addition, friends of Uganda have a unique opportunity to be introduced to another facet of Ugandan society, in the most colourful and enthralling way which after party has been embraced by most our VIP guests in the past.


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