UPDF soldier Jailed For 40 Years

Peter Mariamungu, a UPDF soldier attached to Nzara detach in South Sudan has earned himself a 40 year jail sentence for shooting to death Eagle Kobusheshe, an accountant with Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Mariamungu was convicted by the 2nd division court martial chaired Col. Geoffrey Mujuni, after he was found guilty of killing Kobusheshe and robbing 700 dollars as well as 403,300 shillings.

Earlier on prosecution led by Alex Rasto Mukhwana told court that on 19th, Feb, 2013 while at Ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth national park in Kanungu district, Mariamungu shot dead Kobusheshe and robbed money from the UWA offices.

Mukhwana told court that on the fateful day, Mariamungu asked for sick leave to travel to Koboko district for medication but instead proceeded to Kanungu for a robbery mission that also claimed the life of Kobusheshe.

According to Mukwana, after committing the offense Mariamungu fled but was re-arrested in Kihihi town council in Kanungu district after two months of hiding.

In his defense, Mariamungu said he had traveled to Kihihi to clear a debt of 200,000 shillings he got from one of the residents five years ago.

However, the prosecution presented Miria Kyokusiima a colleague to the deceased, who pinned Mariamungu to the crime.

Kyokusiima told court that Mariamungu shot Kobusheshe in the thigh and threatened to kill her too if she made an alarm.

In his ruling, Col. Geoffrey Mujuni, the court martial chairperson said prosecution had proved its case beyond reasonable doubt and therefore sentenced the soldier to 40 years in jail.

Joshua Muhangi, the UWA public relations officer says they had preferred a stiff sentence of up to 90 years for the soldier since he committed a heinous crime that puts their staff in danger and affects tourism.

Muhangi asked the UPDF to consider compensating the family of the deceased that is suffering with no one to render a hand.

Hope Mbabazi, the wife to the deceased and his father Mzee Richard Karyaija were dissatisfied with the court ruling saying the UPDF soldier took away the life of their bread winner.

Mbabazi said court should have instead handed Mariamungu a death sentence, which corresponds with the crimes he committed.

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