URA Hopeful Despite Revenue Shortfall

Uganda Revenue Authority are hopeful they can hit their Shs15trillion collections target by end of financial year despite suffering a quarterly shortfall of Shs132 billlion.

The deficit was recorded for the first quarter of July to September 2017 and URA blames a tough economic environment for the shortfall.

URA has a collections target of Shs15 trillion which is shs1.8 trillion above last financial years target and Commissioner General Doris Akol remains bullish they can bridge the gap and hit their targets despite a challenging environment.

At a press briefing, URA indicated that during the first three months of the financial year, they managed to collect a net Shs3.1 trilllion against a net target of Shs3.2 trillion, leaving them in a deficit of Shs132 billion for the first quarter.

Akol said: “We are very positive that we will have a successful year.This financial year has just begun. However this requires concerted effort from all stakeholders. We have put in place strategic measures that will increase collection in the second quarter ranging to enhancing quality of services and compliance.’


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