Vendors welcome HARED Petroleum Donation of disinfectants to fumigated Jinja Central Market

Hared's Yufusu Ali and Muhammad hands over Disinfectants to Jinja Task Force in the Market

HARED Petroleum’s Yufusu Ali and Muhammad hands over Disinfectants to Jinja Task Force in the Market

JInja – As the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Uganda has risen above 203 after 43 truck drivers tested positive Saturday, to help fight the pandemic, Hared Petroleum Ltd has donated highly effective disinfectant to fumigate Jinja Central Market.

Hared Petroleum’s move to disinfect the market, which attracts the
population both from and outside Jinja followed an increased number of vendors sleeping in the market in respect of the presidential directive of sleeping at or near to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

While Handing over disinfectants to the Jinja District Taskforce represented by Dr.Diogo Nantamu, the District Health Officer (DHO), Officials from Hared Petroleum Ali Yusufu and Abdu-Karim Muhammad said experts will spray on surfaces and equipment to reduce the risk of

‘’Hared Petroleum Company decided to fund the fumigation of Jinja central market as a public area where people transact business on a daily basis. We feel deeply connected to the people, it is good to disinfect surfaces where public touch, move in big numbers to protect them from contracting diseases as they follow,” said Yusufu.

The District DHO, Dr.Diogo told RedPepper Digital that most of the food
vendors are sleeping in the market since the president issued the
directive more than three weeks back.

Henry Mujimba, the Chairperson Jinja Central Market Traders association asked the District Taskforce to consider their counterparts currently locked down at home as many are going days without a meal.

Recently the government of Uganda started fumigating areas around city
markets as well as distributing mosquito nets to vendors sleeping there as the country battles the COVID 19 pandemic. However, upcountry markets like Jinja Central hadn’t benefited from the program prompting Investors like Hared to intervene.

This is not the first time Hared Petroleum Ltd is donating towards the fight against COVID-19. Early this month, the company donated over
23,607 kilograms of Posho and 2000 kilograms (20 tones) of beans to the Coronavirus response task force to be given to the vulnerable people
in a two-phase manner.

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