Voice of West Nile donates relief items worth UGX43.3m to COVID-19 fight

Hon. Evelyn Anite, Koboko Municipality MP, also state minister for privatization and investment, patron of WNECC.

Arua – Independent regional COVID-19 taskforce, in West Nile, on Tuesday, distributed food and none good items worthy UGX.43.3 million to 11 districts in the region.

‘VOICE OF WEST NILE TASKFORCE, an advocacy arm of WEST Nile Electricity Connectivity Committee (WNECC), under Hon. Anite Evelyn, Koboko Municipality MP also Minister for investment as the patron was formed to caters for the interest of the 11 districts, at this time of war against COVID-19 pandemic.

The taskforce chairperson, Legal Counsel Caleb Alaka says, members contributed about Ugx. 43 .3 Million towards feeding of the vulnerable people.

“A total of UGX.43,387,470 (forty-three million three hundred eighty-seven thousand four hundred seventy) Was collected by us for this purpose” Alaka discloses the cash for transparency.

For transparency, a subcommittee was formed to be in charge of procurement of the food items and its distribution to the different task forces of the districts of West Nile.

This subcommittee consists of Ms. Hope Anne Anguyo, Ms. Mercy Munduru, Ms. Medina Naham, Eng. Aita Joel, Mr. Kana Patrick, Mr. Atima Lee Jackson, and Mr. Dickson Adomati.

Alaka directs the committee to buy the food items of quality that which is fit for human consumption and start distribution from Tuesday, May 5″.

The executive committee deliberated and resolved that the contributions be used to buy food to be given to the task forces of the eleven districts of West Nile for distribution to vulnerable people of West Nile.

The food items distributed, including cassava flour and beans, were locally procured from West Nile.

“A cost of UGX80,000/ for 100 kilograms of cassava flour in West Nile was set but it was negotiated to UGX77,000 by our team and 100 kilograms of good quality beans at UGX400,000/-. We purchased 400 bags, each bag is 100 kilograms of cassava flour and 27 bags, each bag being 100 kilograms of beans” the group chairperson states.

Hon. Ayaka Rose, Maracha district Woman MP.

The 11 districts of West Nile were clustered into the tiers based on population and the number of sub counties with Arua in tier one to get deliver 70 bags of Cassava Flour and 5 bags of beans. Out of this, Terego gets 22 bags of cassava flour and 2 bags of beans, delivered by the Arua District Task Force.

On top of that Arua District again gets a bag of 100 kgs of beans, 50kgs of sugar, 50 sachets of cooking oil, 250 kgs of Maize Flour and 50 packets of salt from contribution received in kind.

The second Tier composed of Zombo and Koboko, get 45 bags of cassava flour per district and 3 bags of beans per district.

The third tier of Moyo, Adjumani, Yumbe and Nebbi districts to get 35 bags of cassava flour and 2 bags of beans per district.

The last cluster is of Maracha, Madi Okollo, Pakwach and Obongi, to get 25 bags of cassava flour and 2 bags of beans per district.

VOICE OF WEST NILE maintains that all the districts should ensure beneficiaries are the sick in health centers, hospitals, PWD’s, elderly people, widows, orphans and the urban disadvantaged class, who are in the informal sector.

The media was also involved to enhance transparency.

“We wish to assure you of utmost transparency and accountability in this process and all receipts shall be published.
We also intend to publish your names in the print and electronic media and publicly acknowledge all your contributions” Alaka’s statement to the contributor reads in part.

Alaka notes that the National Task Force would be notified about the donation. He says the same notification has been given to
the district task forces of West Nile on distribution to vulnerable people.

“We shall request that the districts forward the same information to His Excellency the President” VOICE WEST NILE chief stresses.

Alaka appreciates those who endeavoured to contribute for the just cause.

“We thank you all for the sacrifice and selflessness you exhibited when you generously contributed towards our efforts of feeding our vulnerable people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic” Alaka expresses his gratitude.

Alaka asserts that this was a new chapter in the history of West Nile and in Uganda.

Maracha LC 5 chairman, Adiga Lawrence Ozubia, who also chairs the district’s mobilization committee declared the donation received from Voice of West Nile during a meeting on Tuesday.

At same meeting, Maracha district Woman Member of Parliament, Hon. Ayaka Rose also handed her UGX20M in cash, to the district COVID-19 taskforce.

The money, a part of 10bn/- given to the MPs which raised public out cry over legality of the allocation.

She says her delay to remit the money to the district was due to commitment in the Assembly.

Hon. Ayaka notes that the district COVID-19 taskforce has to plan for use of the cash.

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