Wakiso Magistrate Beds IGG Prosecutor

Wakiso Grade I Magistrate Martin Kiirya is all smiles after a Prosecutor in the Inspector General of Government (IGG) assured him of her secret pin code to secret garden.
As such, preparations are in high gear and Kiirya has created different Whatsapp groups for his friends and well-wishers to contribute towards the function that will enable him officially eat of on the good fruit.
From the Grapevine we have heard that the babe from Western Uganda fell for this gifted man when they met during their law school at Uganda Christian University (UCU) Mukono and have been secretly feasting on the goodness and now they can’t have enough of each other.
Kiirya is now ready confess his sins, ask for forgiveness from the parents of the girl and then beg to be allowed to carry on eating the from the same honeypot.
Christines parents will surely let him off with the lightest of punishments.
Already he is out on bail mobilizing friends to report back to Christine’s home with cows, goats, sofa sets and all kinds of gifts this November 24, 2017.
His sureties included Judges and advocates of the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court and many learned and unlearned friends.
The two suspects of love will then declare their willingness to take each other hostage at St. Francis Chapel Makerere from December 2, 2017 onwards. The party is scheduled for Silver Springs hotel.
Kiirya is an Old Boy of Kiira College Butiki – Jinja and on top of his judicial work, he also lectures at UCU – Mukono.

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