We Have Been Made Redundant, New M7 Ministers Cry out

Minister without Portfolio in charge of Political Mobilization Richard Todwong

Minister without Portfolio in charge of Political Mobilization Richard Todwong
Minister without Portfolio in charge of Political Mobilization Richard Todwong

The minister without portfolio Richard Todwong and that of state in the office of the vice president Vincent Nyanzi say they lack facilitation to carry out their activities and as such are redundant in those ministries.

According to the two ministers, even when they get assignments from their superiors, facilitation is never there for them which make their work as ministers difficult.

Nyanzi says he is at times forced to use his personal money to perform ministerial duties and when he does not put in his money, he does not go to the field where it for instance involves representing the Vice president Edward Ssekandi.

Nyanzi told this to a Parliamentary committee on presidential affairs chaired by MP Fred Mwesigye (Nyabushozi) while describing the challenges he faces.

Minister Todwong also says he hates redundancy especially when he is expected to perform. The two ministers confessed that while they are ministers charged with specific duties, their budget depends on other ministries budget which to them is unfair.

The ministers say they are constrained when it comes to spending personal money yet their colleagues do not and yet when they don’t perform, they are reported to the appointing authority as persons that are non-performers.

But, the minister for presidency Frank Tumwebaze and state minister for economic monitoring Henry Banyenzaki who were also in the two complaining ministers’ company dismissed their complaints to the committee arguing that the unhappy ministers did not completely understand their duties.

Banyenzaki said that in fact Hon Nyanzi has a lot of duties in the vice president’s office and he is actually the vice president in that office. He wondered how he could complain that he is redundant.

Tumwebaze says the ministers mistake the huge votes allocated to some ministries for allowances to ministers in charge of those ministries.

He however said his ministry is in the process of harmonising mandates of different ministries to ensure that a minister in one ministry does not have much work while another is idle.

That harmonization follows complaints by some ministers that they are over worked while others say they are redundant and without budgets for their ministries.

He however says the ministers that say lack budgets for their activities are not right since all ministers receive similar facilitation, adding that it’s their ministries which have differing votes when it comes to budgeting for them and that budgets are not for individual ministers but for ministries.

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  1. To be a minister in the NRM Government means to be redundant as plans go ahead to start swindling the money of Government grow fat like all ministers.

  2. There will be space for you in future to receive that facilitation; you may rush to have it on your own, the cheeye style can happen to you. never force things. let them come there way.desist to be a hyena to come near the thigh of met.

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