Weasel hooks Norway Nkuba Kyeyo Babe

Goodlyfe head boy weasel has hooked a new chick identified as Carolyn serwadda according to sources. Goodlyfe boys are on a tour of Europe and weasel has been enjoying free romps with Carolyn who stays in Oslo, Norway.

The pair has been indoors romping every time weasel is not performing. In fact weasel’s Facebook status recently changed from ‘complicated ‘to In a relationship ‘after hooking up gorgeous Carolyn.

Over the weekend, Weasel tweeted with a picture that;”enjoying my jack Daniels straight with my wife caroline….loving it” He later posted on her page “Happy birthday my caroline…blow more candles with me along side…mwa”

Weasel who is said to be a womanizer has got 29 kids from 29 mothers and he will soon get the 30th kid making the number of women 30.

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