Weasel Smokes Weed to Forget Samira

Weasel Smokes Weed to Forget Samira

Months back, gorgeous socialite Samira Tumi packed her things including her two pairs of G-Strings and left Goodlyfe half singer Weasel’s apartment in Buziga.

It was then revealed that the mother of one had dumped Weasel accusing him of sleeping around with every babe that can pronounce his name.

The dread locked singer’s attempts to plead for forgiveness and get a second chance were in vain as his fiancée did not want to have any of it.

Latest signs show that Weasel is having a hard time getting over the break up and has since resorted to smoking weed as a consolation.

A source close to Goodlyfe crew reveals that Weasel is smoking marijuana to try and forget Samira or at least suppress the pain he feels whenever he thinks about her.

We are told that the ‘Wiggle Wiggle’ hit maker consumes close to two dozen sticks of weed daily.

This is on top of constantly boozing as he hardly leaves home now days. Weasel proved these claims when a video leaked of him and unidentified pals forming clouds in his house.

In the video, Weasel wrapped in just a towel is seen happily puffing on a stick of weed using his left hand while the right is holding a bottle of Heineken with Goodlyfe music blasting in the background.

“Judging by the way he was puffing, it is like his life now depends on the drugs and alcohol” observes a snoop.

Ever since Samira dumped Weasel, she has on a ‘free role’ of sorts. Last weekend she was pictured in Abu Dhabi with her Nickita Bachu attending the final race of this year’s Formula One.

She was reported to have been vending her goodies in the oil rich United Arab Emirates full of loaded Sheiks.

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