Stop Dating Sugar Daddies- Sexy Miss Varsity Macklean Warns Babes

Stop Dating Sugar Daddies- Sexy Miss Varsity Macklean Warns Babes

The newly voted Miss University beauty pageant crown holder Macklean Atuhairwe from Kyambogo University seems to have started her reign in high gear.

The gorgeous 20 year old second year Bachelors in accounting Finance student has warned fellow babes at campus to stop dating sugar daddies or ‘Blessers’ as they are referred to now days.

The reserved babe further claimed that sugar daddies are the reason many campus babe’s lives are in danger thanks to the many deadly diseases they carry.

Macklean sounded the warning in a recent interview with when as if she would date a sugar daddy if she was not in a relationship. In her words, Macklean said she can never date a sugar daddy because they are not visionary.

“I can’t date a blesser because I’m a committed person and I like people who are mature in mind, visionary and blessers are not part of that visionary. Girls should break off from friends’ bandwagon and stop looking at only the present but the future too” Macklean is quoted to have said.

Interestingly, Macklean revealed that she is seeing someone who makes her develop butterflies in her stomach daily though she declined to reveal his identity.

Macklean has also claimed that Kyambogo University babes are just as beautiful and fun as those from other universities contrary to popular belief that Kyambogo babes are local and uncool.

“I should say, people should stop stereotyping according to groups. Just that people say Kyambogo babes are local and nothing good comes out of them doesn’t mean it applies to everyone and t isn’t even true (hitting table at the mention of every word).

It’s not like for example everyone who’s at MAK Is a cool and bright student, those are just personal judgments like how they stereotype Basoga to be dense but I have beautiful and bright Basoga friends,” says Macklean.

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