Who Did you Give The Money? -M7 asks Tullow

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.

President Yoweri Museveni wants Tullow to Explain its self On the Bribery Allegations
President Yoweri Museveni wants Tullow to Explain its self On the Bribery Allegations

Tullow Oil Company has been tasked by the President  to explain the basis upon which some of the firm’s top executives allegedly planned to offer him $50 million Uganda shs 127 BN.

The allegations which were made by Kwahar Quereshi, the attorney  representing  Heritage Oil Company  in a case where it is battling a suit brought against it by Tullow over a $404 million capital gains tax sought by the Uganda government. The tax claim arise out of  Tullow’s 2010 $1.45 billion buy-out of Heritage’s stake in Uganda’s oilfields.

Mr  Quereshi  is quoted to have said that Tullow’s Exploration Director Angus McCoss in an August 2010 group email, suggested the idea that $50 million be paid to “meet the short term needs and demands” of President Museveni, who in the said email was referred to by the acronym M7.

The President has given Tullow Uganda general manager Jimmy Mugerwa until tomorrow to explain how the firm’s officials internally discussed paying him off or financing his re-election campaign as alleged.

in a Tuesday letter written on his behalf by Kiwanuka & Karugire Advocates law firm, Mr Museveni reportedly wants to know who requested for the money, whether it was paid and to whom.

He   also wants to know whats steps the company has taken ever since the reports emerged to correct the Impression that has been created by the allegations.  Tullow is yet to reply to the President’s Letter.

the Court Proccedings also revealed the extent of British Influence in Uganda’s Oil with the British Foriegn Secretary William Hague Personally Lobbying On Tullow’s Behalf  in an Alleged Phone Call to the President

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7 thoughts on “Who Did you Give The Money? -M7 asks Tullow

  1. Why do you want to tarnish the image of our president? Explain the bribery issue please. Tullow you have to tell us or else we black list you as corruption promoters.

    1. Jonathan Kalani, what image does M7 have in the eyes of most sane Ugandans? I will tell you, he heads a corrupt government (who does no know that) , he grabs tax payers money to bribe voters, he grabs money from the treasury to do what ever he wants ( fighter jets ) etc….Do you think these bazungu are just dreaming these things up? I do not think so brother. Get a life and start appreciating how badly managed this banana republic is. M7 is our biggest problem, KWISHA!

      1. Leonard,however much you hate your father your can never come out to accuse him of wrong doing unless u have proof on that.Much as he admits to have thieves surrounding him,you have no grounds of saying M7 took the bribe.Better shut your mouth unless you admit that you recieved the bribe on his behalf.

  2. Pls Mr president yr embracing yrself & de nation, dose guys are not crazy yr asked them money. u behave like LC chairman.

  3. Countrymen,

    Let us be sober on this. I have in the past worked for Western multinationals (1987-2001) and continue to interact with their executives to this day. Sitting in Europe or America, Chief Executives of Multinational companies often entertain ‘funny’ and crazy ideas about business in LDCs. For one, they think these countries are what they are because all leaders and most of the people in the LDCs are a hopeless, corrupt lot, incapable of any nationalistic actions. That we are meant to be perpetual beggars and are incapable of self liberation based on Science and Technology.

    Therefore, all of you crying foul against the President are thought of in the same light. Irrespective of his proven and unproven faults, we need – as a people – to querry this thinking. The demand by the President on Tullow to give details on their Executives’ ideas must be welcome by all of us in LDCs. This business of blanketing all of us as immoral corrupt beings who can therefore be easily bribed to donate our resources and sell our souls MUST be resisted and fought with all the intellectual might we can muster.

    The way to do so is not to use our internal divisions to score ‘points’ against those we do not like. Today it is M7, tomorrow it will be Besigye, the other day it will be Odinga/Kenyatta or Kikwete for that matter.

    We, the so called learned Africans must resist these attempts by the West to re enslave us through exploitation of our differences!

    Eng Kant Ateenyi, Pan Africanist Solar Engineer/Researcher – Cape Town.

  4. Tullow is in a mess, if proved they paid a Bribe, Directors who authorised the payment will go to Jail (UK Bribery Act), 2008 Ananais Tumukunde (Presidents advisor) and Mr Tobiasen British company Director were jailed for similar offences. Just like Basajjabalaba used Presidents name to dip his hands in the Till, am sure someone close to the President might have solicited a bribe, I suspect the President is in shock,no wonder He has by passed His inhouse legal team and engaged His son in-law’s firm to investigate.probably the usual suspects are involved, I hear someone’s Daughter was “head hunted” by Tullow.

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