Why Gunmen are targeting prominent people

Dr. Maggie Kigozi

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Since the murder of Joan Kagezi a month ago, a series of attacks targeting prominent people have occurred in Kampala city, with the latest being former Uganda Investments Authority (UIA) boss, Maggie Kigozi.

Dr. Maggie Kigozi
Dr. Maggie Kigozi

Kigozi was attacked on Wednesday last week by machete wielding men at her home in Kakeka Zone in Lubaga division, while she was deep asleep.  The thugs didn’t steal anything but chopped her several times.

Kigozi became a 4th senior citizen in the country to be attacked in less than a month.


After the attack on Joan Kagezi early last month, a gang of thugs raided Maj.Gen Jim Muhwezi’s home along Malcolm X Road in Kololo and made away with a CCTV system.

Days after an intruder raided NRM Boss Moses Kigongo’s home in Kololo but was intercepted as he tried to enter the house.

In the same night, still in the well guarded and secured upper Kololo, gunmen raided the home of the Sudan Ambassador, Abdel Bali H. Kabir.

Security is worried that these attacks could be well orchestrated attacks meant to instill fear in the public a head of 2016 polls.

According to Uganda’s top security analyst unlike what police claims, these can’t simple thugs yet they target high profile and well guarded premises.

“The attack on Kigozi happened just weeks after a priest was killed. But before the priest, Prosecutor Kagezi was murdered on a road, a few metres from the CIID director,” Rwomushana said

“Kigozi’s attack is similar to the one on UNRA’s chief accountant. In both, they used the roof. These come at a time when political forces are in some kind of standoff over next year’s elections. To me, there is a precursor for what is coming next. We should prepare for the hard course of the soup.”


Rwomushana’s facts are backed by an exclusive intelligence leak that Red Pepper published on April 28th. The leak indicated there was a plot to harm senior citizens in Uganda to be able to give Museveni a vote of no confidence.

The report indicated there was a deadly group plotting to assassinate influential leaders in the country in a bid to thwart President Yoweri Museveni’s 2016 presidential bid, Red Pepper exclusively reports.

According to the highly classified intelligence report, the assassination plot was the latest political strategy meant to weaken Museveni and his ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party ahead of next year’s presidential vote.

“President Museveni’s strongest ground is security. So what this terror group is planning to do is weaken his security system by instilling fear and terror among the people,” the report noted.

“The terror group is planning to create serious levels of insecurity by assassinating high profile leaders in the country’, the report titled ‘CHANGING POLITICAL GAME AHEAD OF 2016’ indicated.

Among those on the target, the report said, included top judges, investors, diplomats, senior church leaders, doctors and other senior personalities in the country.

The report noteed that the assassinations would climax with the murder of Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II that would finally spark off a mass revolution and in the process, depose President Museveni before 2016.

Barely a month after the publication of the report, a senior citizen and a medical doctor has been attacked and nothing was stolen!


Meanwhile reports emerging indicate Kigozi and rapper son Navio have split.

Kigozi accused Navio of rushing to the media to talk about the attack.

According to family sources, shortly after her discharge from Nakasero hospital, Kigozi tried to punch Navio in front of cops. This incident happened at home.

“Though she is still nursing severe finger and thumb pain, Kigozi tried to grab Navio and punch him. She accused him of going to the media to reveal what had happened to her,” a source said.

The family source noted that Kigozi told the police chiefs and investigators that she had wanted to keep the matter a top secret,  away from the public and that she never wanted anyone to know that she was at Nakasero hospital.

“I did not want these issues to be exposed to the public because we have seen incidences where the assailants follow up their victims, even in hospitals and finish them,”Kigozi reportedly told the police.

It is reported that while Margie Kigozi expressed bitterness over Navio’s conducts, the latter kept quiet before walking out on her.

Sources in police have also blamed the former director Uganda Investments Authority of exposing herself to security threats.

Police had proposed to give her escorts but she refused, and even chose not to have security guards at home despite police reminders.

During the police chiefs’ meeting with Kigozi, they presented to her the police statement with the details of the scene of crime officers which she acknowledged and signed.

Police has now deployed about two police officers to guard the home.

Investigators into the matter are still puzzled about the motive of the attackers.

A source said that the police dogs traced the foot prints and the sniffer dogs followed them up to the taxi stage and lost track.

Police is also following leads related to Kigozi’s works in the scouts’ society.

Uganda Scouts and Guides Association where Kigozi is the patron has been pivotal in preserving land and properties belonging to the association located along plot 28 Buganda Road.

She has been battling with fellow members of the association who want to parcel away the land.

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