DISAN NTALE: Why Opposition Always Cries Foul As NRM Sweeps Elections

As we head to 2021, all political players desirous to participate in the forthcoming general elections are in high gears preparing themselves for the final whistle, however, many are still very far away into the qualification stage, they don’t even know which players and team leaders to send for the qualification leave out the main event in February 2021.

The only team (political party) that is 90% + prepared for the main event (elections) even if they were to be held tomorrow is NRM, the rest are not even in the quarter-finals of the qualification process they are performing below average only ready to lose and then cry out how they were created, yet the reason for their continued dismal performance is inadequate preparations. This also leaves a lot of questions from the masses whether this group is seriously contesting for power come 2021 or just looking for relevancy and a meal card that comes with participating in such an event. NRM seems one rap onto the final line but opponents have not even assembled a single team into the field to at least get ready to be set off.

As we speak now NRM has completed the three most important activities ahead of the general elections, they have held their delegates conference and elected the topmost organ of the party the “CEC” central executive committee, where all NRM organs right from the parish level participated in the election of these office bearers, usually this is done at Nambole delegates conference however due to the new normal, scientific methods were used in this process but everyone was enabled to participate and even observe and follow the proceedings. The same method was used to vet and elect the NRM chairperson and presidential flag bearer who were afterward presented to the nation at the secretariat hence after.

The next important activities were electing flag bearers of at various levels first was special interest groups (SGIs) where the outcome showed it swept the whole country with close to 80% win, and then primaries were held and the population chose who they desire to represent them as members of parliament come 2021. LC5 chairperson flag bearers were also chosen all this was done by giving the masses an opportunity to participate in the selection process as a way of deepening democracy in the party and country at large because this was done ahead of time, it has given party leadership and citizens enough time to revise the process, investigate allegations therein and order for a recount or fresh elections to the satisfaction of the populace. It has also given the party ample time to deal with issues to do with reconciliation and healing of wounds hearts of its members ahead of 2021, so by the time we go for the general election, all members will be on the page and speaking the same voice of denying the opponents victory and handing him defeat.

The third equally important activity was of collecting required signature from districts as dictated by the national electoral commission where a signature must be collected from at least 1/3 of the districts in the country, this process takes resources in terms of manpower and finances to facilitate those involved. NRM did not only collect the number of required signatures but surpassed it by collecting 5 million signatures from their registered voters, and presented them to the EC last week, these signatures were collected after a voter identified himself as a registered supporter with a valid national ID for authenticity.

The above only shows the readiness of a party that wants to give a serious challenge to the opponent and win general elections and maintain power for the next five years.

As other parties are struggling to select their flag bearers ahead of the general elections, they haven’t collected signatures but time is first running, NRM is home and dry waiting for the final whistle to set off, they have reconciled worrying parties, collected signatures, gotten flag bearers and their manifesto team is also ready to launch, that is how a serious party operates and the opponent will later cry for being rigged out yet they were not prepared enough.

The primaries and collection of signatures have presented NRM party with an opportunity to gauge its support across the country and also carry out a SWOT on itself, in preparation for the big day, and this shows that by the time we go for the general election, unlike other parties that are seeking for impossible miracles NRM already knows how many genuine voters it has and how much work is required to win those that are still undecided and then wait for May 2021 swearing-in ceremony.

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