Stella Kiryowa,Deputy Chairperson NOWIP

Renowned Feminist and National Resistance  Movement (NRM) young Turk, Stella Kiryowa has joined the race replace the fallen Mathias Kasamba at the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA).Kiryowa is also the deputy Chairperson for Network for Women in Politics (NOWIP),

NRM’s Stella Kiryowa,Deputy Chairperson NOWIP

The outspoken gender activist, Kiryowa formally expressed interest in the position on Monday in Kampala to the ruling NRM Party electoral commission.

The tenure for all the elected members to EALA, which is the lawmaking organ of the EAC, is five years, renewable once. However, the late Kasamba was elected into the Fourth EALA (2017-2022) in December 2017 and was to end his first term in late 2022.

Following Kasamba’s demise, a new member from Uganda will have to be nominated by the government to fill the vacuum.

According to a section of members of Parliament who preferred anonymity ,Ms Kiryowa is an exceptional candidate, given her ample profile, an advocate for Pan Africanism and Patriotism.

Kiryowa is described as an advocate for Women leader and women emancipation, a strong proponent of Pan Africanism and a believer of African unity which is vital to economic, social and political progress.

‘’ She is an ideologue of patriotism who stands firm and ready to defend  the government position at Foras like East African Assembely. She is also strong in negotiation skills, a primary mandate at EALA’’, added one of the Ugandan Mps.

Speaking to this reporter, Kiryowa said the country needs a legislator who will liaise with the National Assemblies of the Partner States on matters relating to the Community; effective on debating  and approving the budget of the Community; discuss all matters pertaining to the Community and make recommendations to the Council as it may deem necessary for the implementation of the Treaty.

‘’ I am offering myself to legislate, do oversight and represent the people of Uganda in a bid to foster economic, social, cultural and political integration’’, said Kiryowa.

The EALA is an organ of the East African Community established under Article 9 of the Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community with a legislative, representative and oversight mandate

Some of those that have shown interest include former MPs James Kakooza, Jacquiline Amongin and Nakato Kyabangi.

Others are: the former state minister for Tourism Godfrey Kiwanda Ssubi, John Bosco Lubyayi, Farida Kibowa and Abas Mutumba, a former political assistant to Kasamba.

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